Customer Reviews

Nuvo Manor System
Reviewed by Clive

We purchased the Manor system six months ago for our 4,200 square foot home. The existing hard water buildup on faucets has already subsided in six months and when we have guests they all comment on how much they enjoy the soft water in their showers. Evidently soft water does something magical to hair.

Nuvo Home System
Reviewed by JR

I have had my system installed for about a month and, not only has it prevented hardness deposits from building up, it has actually "cleaned out" many of the deposits in my dishwasher and removed deposits from my dishes.

Nuvo Home Replacement Cartridge
Reviewed by Wesley L

It works as advertised and will save you money. I installed the Nuvo whole house water filtration system in November of 2010 and we noticed an immediate change in the hardness of our water. In fact, immediately after installing the filter, we noticed the water in the sinks and toilets turning a light green color. This meant that the calcium lime built up in our copper pipes (house is 8 years old and never had a soft water treatment system) was dissolving and flushing out of our plumbing system. We now use less bath soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap etc. now that our water is softer. I am testing the water every 2 weeks and our hardness is down and we are still on the original filter after 6 full months of usage. If you are looking for the best soft water filter solution that is GREEN, this is the system to buy. It will quickly pay for itself. It’s one of the best home improvement upgrades from a cost benefit perspective.

Nuvo Home System
Reviewed by Bob A

Great! Hard water of Alto, NM is almost steel but the Nuvo softened it. The water taste great and the system works without requiring salt!

Nuvo Manor Replacement Cartridge
Reviewed by Jimmy A

Love it. I can't believe I waited this long!

Nuvo Manor System
Reviewed by John F

My NuvoH2O has been installed for over a month. I can see and feel a noticeable change in our water. The slippery feel is gone, our dishes are cleaner, and no deposits can be found on our faucets, toilets, and glass shower doors. I am so glad that I was able to find this excellent alternative to salt and potassium water softening systems.

Nuvo Studio Replacement Cartridge
Reviewed by Jeffersoncoats A

I recently installed a nuvoH2O softener in my parent’s home and they love it! They live in a very rural area and have fought hard water from a culinary well for years. They haven't been able to have a dishwasher due to hard water staining on ALL of their fixtures. It's been two weeks now and my mother is telling me how much less water and soap she uses. The hard spots are starting to disappear already. I am actually a professional in the plumbing industry and was very skeptical of this system at first but am very pleased with the success we have seen so far. Thanks.

Nuvo Studio System
Reviewed by John A

I just wanted soft water. I got more than just soft water with this product. I got simplicity; it's as easy to install as a water filter. I got small; we didn't have room for another appliance. I got great tasting water at all my faucets, not just soft water. When I added it all up, this system gave me soft water, great tasting water, and in a compact, easy to service, simple unit at less cost than anything else I could find. What more can you ask for and need? I just know I can't.