The only thing worse than the humidity throughout the months of Summer is being unable to enjoy a crisp, refreshing shower when you’re trying to beat the heat. If your home has a hard water problem, you’ve become all too accustomed to scaly, irritated skin. As creators of the industry’s most innovative salt-free home water softener system, NuvoH2O would like to educate you about the benefits our customers experience after they install whole home water softeners, especially during the Dog Days of Summer.

A Salt-Free Summer

The vast majority of homeowners currently utilizing salt-based water softeners are unaware that due to the high concentrations of sodium in their water supply, they’re actually dehydrating themselves every time they take a drink from the faucet. 

On the other hand, hard water’s high mineral concentrations may cause one’s skin to become dry or irritated, which is compounded by the heat and humidity of summer, which naturally causes one’s skin to lose moisture. 

Unlike traditional salt-based softeners which demineralize water, or hard water with too high of mineral concentrations, NuvoH2O’s revolutionary salt-free water softening systems relies solely on the all-natural powers of citrus. This citrus technology reduces your water’s pH, helping to stabilize the harsh minerals, and bring your home’s water closer in environmental accordance with natural rainfall. If you’d like to learn more about how NuvoH2O softens water, visit How It Works.

Say Goodbye to Scale

Aside from the many benefits you’ll feel after switching to a NuvoH2O salt-free water softening system; you’ll even SEE our system’s magic at work. What we mean by this, is that NuvoH2O systems have the unique power to reverse the damage caused by hard mineral buildup and limescale found around your faucets, showers, and pipes. You’ll even notice a significant improvement to your kitchenware after running the dishwasher! 

By installing a NuvoH2O salt-free system in your home, you’ll not only be improving the quality of water your family drinks and uses on a daily basis, but you will be investing in lengthening the life of your home’s water-based appliances and saving a substantial amount on utility costs in the long run. 

As hard water scale builds up in your home’s water heating elements, they work less efficiently. On the other hand, NuvoH2O water softeners remove scale and improve appliance efficiency by up to 30% and extend their lifespan, which saves customers thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs!

To inquire further about installing a NuvoH2O salt-free water softening system in your home, or to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives about financing options, give us a call today, toll-free, at 877-688-6426 or fill out a contact form