Often attributed to winter’s cold, dry weather or excessive heat during the dog days of summer, dandruff and dermatitis can drive us crazy; we all know how frustrating a flaky scalp can truly be.

Each year, countless scalp-scratching individuals turn to a vast array of soapy solutions marketed to combat itchy and irritated skin, only to find disappointment in the ineffectiveness of costly hair conditioners.

But have they considered that the root cause of their problems could actually be their home’s water?


Not only does hard water contain excessive concentrations of minerals, which reverse the silky, hydrating effects of your expensive dandruff shampoo, but it also has imbalanced pH levels. So no matter how revolutionary your scalp treatment products may be, you’re still left with unhealthy hair and irritated skin underneath.

How can you reverse the effects of hard water in your home?



Though many individuals think that turning to a salt-based water softener to halt the showering discomfort caused by hard water — and may initially feel a noticeable improvement — salt-based softeners have downfalls of their own.

While hard water contains minerals that tend to build up over time, salt-based softened water actually does the opposite: It demineralizes your homes’ water altogether, which isn’t good for your hair and skin.

Beyond that, salt-based softeners rely on salt to displace the hard minerals of your home’s water supply, which leads to a significant increase in the sodium levels of the water you use to drink and clean yourself with daily. Not only does this cause your water to taste and smell bad, but it also counterintuitively dehydrates both your hair and body when used or consumed.  

So, you can’t use hard water or salt-softened water...what do you do?


Contrary to the health and hygiene issues associated with hard and salt-based softened water, our team at NuvoH2O has spent years crafting water softening solutions that are completely free of salt and are easily installed across a multitude of residential and commercial applications.

NuvoH2O: Citrus. Not Salt.


Through the process of chelation, each NuvoH2O system utilizes our patented CitraCharge technology to harness the power of citrus to naturally stabilize mineral ions found in your home’s hard water, allowing vital minerals and nutrients to remain in the water supply while simultaneously bringing pH levels back into balance with those of natural rainwater. Within the first couple of days after quickly installing a NuvoH2O water softener, you’ll notice that your skin and hair feel healthier than ever before. With our innovative water treatment systems, you can say goodbye to scalp-scratching and say hello to a lifetime of smooth, silky skin.

Aside from the taste and variety of overall health benefits that NuvoH2O offers, our systems eliminate the hard water’s harsh scale build-up, which is damaging to your home’s appliances, such as heaters, water fixtures, and pipes. You’ll even notice that your kitchenware will come out of the dishwasher looking crystal clean!

To find out more information about which NuvoH2O salt-free water softening system is right for your home or business, give us a call today or fill out a contact form through our page.