Getting ready for the holidays consumes much of our time and energy this time of year, and we don’t necessarily want to think about what lies beyond the fun and frivolity of our New Year’s celebrations. But winter is on its way, bringing cold temperatures, frigid winds, icy surfaces, and possibly even heaps of snow.

Preparing your home for the season requires more than just hanging a bunch of shiny decorations and cooking a bunch of delicious food.

Your friends at NuvoH2O want to help ensure your family’s comfort all winter long. Here are five home maintenance tasks to add to your immediate to-do list, alongside all those gifts and groceries you still have to buy. 

Clean Gutters

Any leaves and debris that have collected in your gutters must be removed before winter hits, or you risk extensive damage to your property. If gutters remain clogged through the winter, ice dams can form, preventing drainage and causing backed-up water to seep into your home and ruin ceilings, walls and even furniture.

Assess Insulation

Look for spots around your home where heat can leak out, wasting energy and driving up your utility bills. Replenish insulation in attics and crawl spaces and replace any worn-out weatherstripping around windows and doors.  

Schedule Fireplace Inspection

A fireplace is a wonderful asset during the winter; it adds physical warmth to the home while creating a cozy indoor ambiance to help brighten those long, gray days. To make sure the fireplace is operating efficiently, cleanly and safely, have it inspected and maintained by a professional before kicking it into high gear for the season.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Like your fireplace, your heating system needs regular TLC to keep it running smoothly and prevent it from breaking down and leaving you shivering on a cold winter’s night. Have a heating technician check your furnace, clean filters and air ducts and make any necessary repairs now, so you don’t find yourself with a heating emergency in the middle of a January snowstorm.

Soften Your Water

If you have hard water in your home, winter can be a difficult time. Your showers aren’t refreshing. Your hair is dry and brittle. Your skin is itchy and flaky. Your dishes are covered with smudges and spots. You can’t even get your laundry to come out soft and fluffy! 

Installing a hard water softener in your home can remedy all those problems and give your family a whole new level of comfort — not just during the winter, but throughout the entire new year! NuvoH2O offers convenient, flexible financing options on our salt-free water softener systems, so you can rid your home of annoying hard water issues without putting a huge dent in your household budget.

If you'd like to learn more about our water softening systems, place an order or speak to a member of our team, give NuvoH2O a call or fill out an online contact form today!