It may only be October, but if you’re planning to host holiday gatherings over the coming months, it’s never too early to start planning and preparing your home for an influx of family members, friends, and other merry revelers.

If you have hard water flowing through your pipes, a hard water softener might be a necessary addition to those pre-holiday plans.

Here are three ways that hard water and its high mineral content can put a damper on your holiday entertaining. 

Spotty Dishwasher Performance

When you’re hosting a gathering, you don’t have the time or energy to wash all the dishes by hand, so you trust your dishwasher to do most of the heavy lifting. The last thing you need is for your good dinner plates, glasses and silverware to come out looking streaky, cloudy or covered in spots.

Hard water, as you might already know, carries a high concentration of calcium, magnesium and other minerals that can build up in pipes and disrupt the operation of appliances. When it comes to your dishwasher, mineral deposits can collect on the heating element and hinder its ability to get your dishes fully clean. Setting the table for a holiday dinner with dirty dishes? Embarrassing!

Cleaning Challenges

The same mineral build-up that damages your dishwasher can leave unsightly limescale stains in your toilet, sinks, shower walls that are difficult to remove without the proper tools. You have enough to do without worrying about scrubbing those areas until you’re sore. 

Then there’s your laundry. Your guests deserve soft sheets to sleep on and fluffy towels for bathing. However, hard water makes it more difficult for detergents to work on clothing, towels and sheets, and it can leave the laundry feeling stiff, dingy and not entirely clean. Sometimes, laundry comes out carrying the same white film that builds up in tubs and sinks. Gross!

Unsatisfying showers

One of the most comforting  parts of a cold fall or winter day is taking a hot shower, but with hard water, the experience can be rather disappointing. Hard water tends to dry out the skin and hair. It also can leave an annoying film all over the body that makes you feel the opposite of clean. You don’t want to subject loved ones to that kind of discomfort on what should be a relaxing, fun-filled holiday visit. 

Give your guests the gift of soft water — and less stress — this holiday season by installing a new salt-free water softener system from NuvoH2O. Our revolutionary technology lowers pH levels in your water without stripping the healthy minerals away and dumping excess sodium into waterways. So our hard water solutions are really a gift to Mother Earth, too!

On another note, if you’re looking for a way to remove existing hard water stains from surfaces throughout your home, consider our CitraCharge all-in-one cleaning solution. Browse our website today to learn more, and to order your salt-free water softener before the holiday hustle and bustle begins!