If you look around online for information on what type of water is best for your health, you’re bound to find a lot of arguments and beliefs that one type of water is better than another. Many people believe that drinking mineral water or water that is closest to its natural form is more beneficial than drinking water that’s had minerals taken out of it. Other people will fight and say that purified water is much healthier for you, that the minerals in our water aren’t always the best for our diets or our overall health. And then you get into removing the minerals completely just to add them back in for taste.

A New Perspective

What we should keep in mind is this: all of the water that we drink, no matter if it’s mineral-rich or mineral-devoid, has been through some form of processing, by nature or a commercial process. And unfortunately, we don’t always have full control over what is in (or not in) our water. The trick is to take back as much of that control as we can. By doing this we can isolate the good effects from the bad, and make it work for us.

Our Philosophy

Minerals in your water are not fundamentally bad. They serve a purpose for our bodies. However, they only cause damage to your home. That is why we’ve devised a method of drastically reducing, if not totally eliminating, the minerals ability to bond to your pipes, fixtures and surfaces forming scale while still retaining their presence in your water.


We get the majority of the minerals we need from the foods that we eat, but with modern agricultural practices, the foods we eat are becoming less and less mineral rich. In a world where even our healthy food is becoming less healthful, why would you want to eliminate even more beneficial minerals by removing them from your water? We say you shouldn’t.

Instead, our system works in a way that the ‘hard’ calcium and magnesium minerals found in your water are bound and isolated to our patented, and natural, CitraCharge® formula, housed in the NuvoH2O system. This process, known as chelation, prevents the formation of scale buildup, all while leaving all the healthy minerals for your body to use. For more on how the NuvoH2O system works, check out our How It Works page.

Minerals — the Right Way

We know how important it is for you to prevent and even eliminate scale in your home. We also recognize the importance of maintaining a certain level of minerals in your home’s water as well. So when you’re looking for a water softener company that delivers outstanding results and looks out for your health, trust NuvoH2O.