Are you ready for fall? Looking forward to a drop in temperature and humidity, pulling your favorite cozy sweaters out of the closet, sipping pumpkin spice coffee and sitting around a bonfire or heading out to a football game?

Maybe you have a to-do list already drawn up, filled with seasonal tasks you need to get done around the house to prepare for the cold-weather months. Might we suggest adding “soften the water”? 

Fall is the ideal time to finally buy that salt-free water softener you know you need to rid your home of hard-water issues, and the experts at NuvoH2O are here to tell you why.


You’ll Feel Better

Colder weather conspires to make your skin dry and itchy and your hair brittle and frizzy. Between lower humidity in the air, harsh winds, indoor heating, hairdryers, the minerals in your hard water — and the wool in that favorite sweater — you’ve probably come to associate fall and winter with feeling uncomfortable. 

You can put all that behind you with a salt-free water softening system by NuvoH2O, which will help prevent dehydrated, irritated skin and bad hair days without completely stripping your water of healthy minerals. 


You’ll Save Money

Hard water wreaks havoc on your water-based appliances, leaving mineral build-up, or “scale” inside your pipes, your dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater. Over time, that build-up causes these appliances to run less efficiently and need more frequent repairs. Scale build-up can even reduce the capacity of your water heater, and you don’t want to run out of hot water when it’s cold outside!

Our innovative water conditioning system uses CitraCharge® technology to reduce the pH of hard water while isolating and binding to calcium ions, preventing them from attaching to surfaces and forming scale. This allows your appliances to run more efficiently, saving you money.


You’ll Have Less Mess To Clean Up

Hard water scale doesn’t just hide in places you can’t see. It builds up on your shower doors, shower walls, faucets, sinks, and even your toilet. It’s unsightly, and not fun to scrub off! Installing a water softening system will cut down on the elbow grease you have to expend when cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. 


You’ll Be a Friend To The Environment

A salt-free water softening system uses less water than a traditional salt-based water softener. Additionally, it doesn’t release salt into the water supply or the soil, threatening your local ecosystem.

Don’t wait for those icy winds to start blowing to visit the NuvoH2O website and buy a saltless water softener for your home or commercial location. Act now and enjoy months of smooth skin, scale-free appliances, and lower energy bills! Feel free to contact the team at NuvoH2O today if you have any questions or would like to discuss financing options.