There are many products on the market that affect the water that runs from the taps in our homes. From filtration devices to chlorine removers, we use a lot of different products to treat our water before it ever comes pouring out of our showers, running out of our sinks, or filling up our pitchers.

Sometimes, when we are looking at all of these products, it’s difficult to tell the difference between which product does what. Here, we break down the difference between a water softener and, more generally, a water conditioner.

Water Softener vs. Water Conditioner: What’s the Difference?

There’s not actually much of a difference between a water softener and a water conditioner. In fact, a water softener is a type of water conditioner.

Let’s start with defining water conditioners: A water conditioner is any sort of device or system that improves water quality. This can be like any of the products we mentioned above, removing chlorine and other chemicals from water, or it can be a water softener, like NuvoH2O.

What Does a Water Softener Do?

Water softeners do just that — soften water. More explicitly, they soften hard water.

Many homes have a tap that dispenses hard water or water that is high in dissolved mineral content (generally calcium and magnesium carbonates). This high level of mineral content can leave film on dishes, cause scaling on the outside of your plumbing, and even corrode your pipes and heating element failure.

With the integration of a NuvoH2O Softener Systeminto your home’s plumbing, you can deactivate the high concentration of mineral content and do away with scaling on plumbing, appliances, shower doors, water heaters, and more.

Install a NuvoH2O System Today!

The day you install any one of our NuvoH2O systems is the day that it starts paying for itself. No longer will you have to live with the woes of hard water — your days of scaly appliances and dishes with films left on them are over. With the installation of your NuvoH2O system, you will be able to enjoy incredible and refreshing soft water every single day!

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