If you are seeking an appliance to rid your water of its hard minerals, then the idea of turning on your kitchen faucet when you are thirsty to find nothing coming out is a completely foreign concept. But for millions around the world, this is an everyday occurrence.

According to the CDC, 780 million people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water, and 2.8 billion do not have access to proper sanitation facilities. Could you imagine a world where you and your family did not have safe water to drink or a proper place to use the restroom or wash your hands?

In honor of World Water Day (March 22), NuvoH2O would like to shine a light on a tragic situation that so many of our fellow human beings face. We believe clean water is essential to a good quality of life and is a basic human right. We encourage everyone to take some time this month to: A) be so grateful you live a life where this is not a daily battle, and B) educate yourself and your family of this pressing issue.

What can you do?  

Along with UN Water, there are a number of organizations working to fight the lack of access to clean water around the world. Each and every one would love for your involvement in one way or another. Below are just a few you can look into:

·      Charity:Water

·      WaterIsLife

·      Columbia Water Center

·      Water.Org