awesome product by Happy Texan on 05/07/2016

My well water WAS destroying my plumbing and dishwasher and washing machine. I have had the Nuvo system for a year now and I will never own a home without one. A must for areas with hard water

Outstanding by NuVo4Juan! on 04/08/2016

Have own the Home system for over 5 years now, and we LOVE IT!! Live in Santa Clarita, CA. and t hard water scale her is around 10. We used to net a home water system but after 5 years of renting it cost too much$$, so Isaw the Nuvo commercial, ordered the system and it performed beyond my expectations!! Have been a firm customer ever since, I get the "Auto Refill" every 4 months and it is worth it. Sure we only get very little deposits accumulation in some of our faucets, there is nothing to prevent that 100%, but we are very happy with our Nuvo Investment.. Tyr it you won't be DISAPPOINTED AT ALL.

We love it! by GlenB on 01/10/2016

We previously had a water softener. We love our new Nuvo. Wish we would have had it a lot sooner!!

Great Product by 2infinity2 on 11/17/2015

I moved into my first mobile home in Az. I noticed that my hair and clothes were not the same. Green stuff on the faucets. People told me the water here is very bad you need a water softener. One neighbor was having this installed they showed me theirs. Wow very compact. I then went to the internet to check it out and I spoke with my plumber. He ordered it for me and then did the installation. Was very easy. Changing the filter is so very easy as well. I had to consider all the factors, expense and ease to do it myself. It works like magic> My clothes, hair and skin feel great and no more green stuff. Love this product. I recommend to everyone, just check it out on the internet!

Extremely Happy by Crystal Clear on 10/19/2015

I've used this in older home and am completely satisfied with its user friendly refill technique, efficiency and would highly recommend this anyone wanting a more clear glass, cleaner appliances and less cleaning hassle. Livermore, CA

Great for mobile homes! by Betty R on 10/13/2015

Not only does the system work well, but also the best unit to add to a small or mobile home because of its zero footprint. Mobile homes have limited floor space for utility units such as washer, dryers, softeners, etc. I replaced my large water softener with the Nuvo Studio about four years ago and have been pleased with the results. My friends and the plumbers who have seen it did not know it exists. I plan to have it installed in the new home (not a mobile) I am purchasing.

Nuvoh2o Take Me Away by Somewhere in SE Arizona on 08/01/2015

So happy to have found the Nuvo H2o system, we live in SE Arizona and it has made a huge difference in the feel of our water as well as hard water spots, etc. Loving the changes it has made! This is a much healthier system than using salt systems.

GREAT product by Doctor Who on 06/15/2015

I'm sensitive to health matters. Softeners that add "salt" - not a good thing to me. Removing Calcium and other good minerals - not a good thing. The NUVO - A good thing. We invested in this about a year ago. Although it can take a while to truly see the benefits, it works, it is safe, it is the healthy option.

Excellent Product by LittleByrdieMom on 10/08/2014

We love using CitraCharge because our water is so hard on our dishes. Our glasses sparkle again and we don't get the residue on our other dishes. As long as we continue to have hard water, we will use this product. Highly recommend!

Awesome System! by Friends In Need on 09/22/2014

My Wife and I are extremely pleased with our Manor System. We operate an animal rescue and get hundreds of visitors and volunteers. We realized that we needed good quality water for us and our visitors and even our animals. So far the system is working wonderful and it was very easy to install. This is without a doubt one of the best home improvements that we have made. Thank You Nuvo!

Great product and service by Dusty J on 09/18/2014

It is hard to describe the great service and response from the employees of this company. They have been extremely helpful and give fast response to the small problems I had due to my well water. Find a better company and I will buy stock in it !!

Great Alternative by Jim R on 09/17/2014

We have very hard water where we live. After researching finally purchased for our new home. We have had the Nuvo H2O for three years now and are very satisfied. I have given hard water tests and did research on these units and came to the conclusion that it's more of a cleaner than water softener. Must work because neighbors water heater just sprung a leak and they had to replace we purchased new homes at the same time with identical water heaters. Our water heater is still going strong. No hard water stains or build up in showers, sinks or toilets either -

Water feels like soft. by glasslady on 06/24/2014

I just installed the home system about a week ago and could tell the difference within 24 hours. Luling has very hard water and I can already tell the difference in my laundry, dishes and especially shower. Love this system and so easy to replace cartridge. Well worth the money.

works well by ed on 06/20/2014

I notice the shower, dishwasher, and kitchen sink all have less residue/stains than before. Definitely recommended.

Hard Water of Cedar City, Utah by Mike J on 05/07/2014

The Nuvo Home system does everything it promises and more. We moved into our new home 6 weeks ago and I installed the Home system about 4 weeks ago. The water here is pretty hard, about an 18 on the scale. We haven't seen any hard water deposits on anything. The dishes are cleaner, the clothes are cleaner and we have no soapy feel when taking a shower. Great product! I think the Nuvo systems are like when Columbus said he was going to sail around the world and everyone told him he was crazy that he would fall off the end. Someone has to try it. That's how we advance as a civilization. Oh yeah, I don't work for Nuvo nor are they paying me to write this review.

outstanding by jim on 03/01/2014

I'm on my 2nd system two different homes and it works great no salt to worry about no osmosis system to worry about it does both. I would and have recommend it to others and they are happy with the system

The best water softener you will ever need. by Superior on 02/20/2014

We bought the studio for our condo in NV after having a salt unit. My toilet bowl never has a line in it and my clothes are much wither than ever . I'm totally in LOVE with the Nuvo. You will not be disappointed if you buy this brand.

The best! by 2infinity on 02/20/2014

I moved to Az and I found the water where I live was terrible! I started looking for some sort of filter system. I didn't want the salt system did all sorts of research. One day neighbor told me about another neighbor who bought this little system and they were very happy with theirs. I spoke with them and then went again to the internet. Look good to me. This was the best decision. My hair has bounce, clothes do not have smudges, sink is clean, skin does not itch and no more green build up on the facets or toilet. This is a really good product and I have had no problems. My plumber even bought one for himself. He installed it in a matter of minutes. Do it you will be happy you did so.

AMAZING !!! WE LOVE OUR NUVO !!! by Al & Brenda on 01/20/2014

OH MY GOODNESS !!! Why did we not know about this earlier ? We live in rural Indiana. VERY hard water ! & our water is spring water ! We built our home 32yrs ago , raised our 3 wonderful sons here, we moved from a farmhouse , the farm house had a saltwater system , I did not want to mess with the salt , so didnt install one after moving into the new home, we have owned our NUVOH2O manor 11months now , I have only 1word for these people & their product & service !!! AMAZING !!! Our oldest son is a contractor ,he just redid all of our old plumbing (to bring us up to code ) & could not believe how clean the old PVC pipes were ! I have been a hairstylist for 35yrs , so believe me when I tell you , not having to have a malabu & protein treatment every month on my hair is so wonderful !!! Our dishwasher ,washing machine ,tubs & showers ,( we have 3 full baths in our home ! Along with new plumbing we just refurbished all 3 baths , & we know now that when we are long gone , our baths will sparkle , due to the nuvo system !!! Thank you guys so very much for such a wonderful product ! We could not be happier !!! Thanks Brenda & Al !!!

Great product by Gerrie on 01/15/2014

I live in Paso Robles, Ca, and here the water is very hard, since we got NUVO we are very HAPPY. You can also order the whole house filtration that removes chlorine ect. That is my next step... I am so impressed!

Very Satified by Liz on 11/06/2013

Have hard Well water in my area, so had plumbing work done by Derick Wong and he suggest the Nuvo h2O. And I have been happy ever since. Elizabeth Robinson

So far so good by Roy Hobbs on 10/25/2013

My son in-law ( a plumber by trade ) swapped out a Culligan soft water system for a NuvoH2O Manor Been 2 weeks The women in the house are extremely happy with the way the water feels during their showers and the increased over all water pressure in the kitchen and the showers. Nice not having to mess with the salt and the loss of recycling water going down the drain from the softner would recommend the product an easy installation also from the exsiting hook ups

Outstanding by James M. on 10/25/2013

We live on a ranch in central Arizona and have a well. The calcium level is very high. We noticed an immediate improvement in water quality after installing the home system. The shower doors stay clear with very little cleaning and our skin feels great. We used to itch after a shower, not anymore. I highly recommend this system.

Answered Prayer!!! by MRL on 09/26/2013

We are on well water and we 'had" extreme hard water. We looked for several years at so many different products and compared prices that it was mind numbing. After having to replace our dishwasher and hot water tank, we were desperate. One morning while clicking through the channels I saw the TV ad for nuvoh2o and I just prayed about it. I felt so confident about it that I just ordered it. I didn't consult with my husband and that is something I never do specially with that kind of money. I specially never order anything from a TV Ad. I felt better knowing that it was money back guaranteed and we had time to try it out. Since my husband installed it right by the well we have seen a tremendous difference on the buildup around all the faucets, toilets, water hoses. Plus, we use so much less products for dishes, laundry and personal care. Our skin, hair and our clothes feel so much better too. We have the Manor system and love it!!!!

Big savings by Gabriel on 09/11/2013

When I realized what I would save on shipping by registering for auto-ship, I knew I had to do it. The convenience of not having to worry about remembering to buy one and saving about $14 every time I needed to replace the cartridge made it a no-brainer. We receive the cartridge like clock work every 6 months.

Very convenient by B Dudish on 09/11/2013

Signed up for the automatic shipments a little over six months ago. Having a new cartridge show up was awesome. I probably would have forgotten to replace the cartridge. About a week after the cartridge showed up (I hadn't gotten around to replacing it), we could tell that the water wasn't as soft. I replaced the cartridge and everything was working great again.

Nuvo opinion by BHolmes on 09/09/2013

I've had the NUVO system since December 2011. It's clean, efficient, so much easier than loading 20 or 40 pound salt bags. The cartridge is so easy to remove and re-install the new unit.

Easy to install by Richard M on 09/09/2013

This was first replacement cartridge and it was easy to install. Definitely notice improvement in taste of water, and the mineral deposits disappear in a short time.

Purchased a house with Nuvo by tutu on 09/09/2013

We purchased a house that already had the Nuvo system. Former owner did not tell us that we needed to change the cartridge every 6 months. When scale started to build up we called Nuvo...found out about the cartridge time...and changed the cartridge. New cartridge made all the difference, and we will sign up for a 6 month reminder from Nuvo (will send us a new cartridge at that time)

Skeptical professional installed for parents by Jeffersoncoats A on 09/09/2013

I recently installed a nuvoH2O softener in my parent’s home and they love it! They live in a very rural area and have fought hard water from a culinary well for years. They haven't been able to have a dishwasher due to hard water staining on ALL of their fixtures. It's been two weeks now and my mother is telling me how much less water and soap she uses. The hard spots are starting to disappear already. I am actually a professional in the plumbing industry and was very skeptical of this system at first but am very pleased with the success we have seen so far. Thanks.

No Annoying Spots! by Tony S on 09/09/2013

The H2O system is easy to install and maintain. I change my filter as recommended and have enjoyed the results tremendously. A shower feels better, our clothes come out cleaner and most of all my collector cars love the water, NO ANNOYING SPOTS!

Small compact and long lasting by Douglas C on 09/09/2013

There is nothing I hated more than buying those salt bags every other trip to the grocery store. Is this the right time? Is it too soon? Has it been too long? Plus they are too heavy for my wife to carry. I now have a small compact and long lasting water softener that I only have to change out the cartridge twice a year.

Works as advertised by Wesley L on 09/09/2013

It works as advertised and will save you money. I installed the Nuvo whole house water filtration system in November of 2010 and we noticed an immediate change in the hardness of our water. In fact, immediately after installing the filter, we noticed the water in the sinks and toilets turning a light green color. This meant that the calcium lime built up in our copper pipes (house is 8 years old and never had a soft water treatment system) was dissolving and flushing out of our plumbing system. We now use less bath soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap etc. now that our water is softer. I am testing the water every 2 weeks and our hardness is down and we are still on the original filter after 6 full months of usage. If you are looking for the best soft water filter solution that is GREEN, this is the system to buy. It will quickly pay for itself. It’s one of the best home improvement upgrades from a cost benefit perspective.

Simple cartridge change by Bryan on 09/09/2013

Once the Home system was installed, we noticed an immediate decrease in the calcium build-up that comes from hard water. Our glass shower doors clean easier and dishes have less residue. Our water tastes better and does not leave a slimy residue in the shower like salt systems do. A simple cartridge change every six months keeps you going. Overall, I'm very happy with this system and would recommend it to others.

No more salt and maintenance by Jim on 09/09/2013

It's a joy not having to worry about salt levels and system maintenance. Nuvo's system is simpler, smaller and very affordable. Nuvo works as advertised. Take the time to educate yourself so you will be prepared for the transition from the world of salt bags to the new world of Nuvo.

Shouldn't have waited by Jimmy A on 09/09/2013

Love it. I can't believe I waited this long!

Can't go wrong by B Ward on 09/09/2013

You cannot go wrong buying this product. No more running to the store to buy salt and having high maintenance bills on electric water softeners.

No more 40lb bags of salt by J Taylor on 09/09/2013

I was skeptical until I learned that this company has been using the same technology in commercial kitchens/laundry facilities for years. It seemed too good to be true.... half the cost of a traditional "salt" water softener and no more trips up and down the stairs carrying 40 lb. bags of salt! The unit softens the water and even cleans the "scale" out of our existing pipes. No problems so far, works great.

Love It! by Wheel on 09/09/2013

No bags of salt. Nothing to recycle. It is a natural product based of citrus product. All natural. Our dishes are cleaner, no sudsy rings and we LOVE it!

Magical Results! by Clive on 09/09/2013

We purchased the Manor system six months ago for our 4,200 square foot home. The existing hard water buildup on faucets has already subsided in six months and when we have guests they all comment on how much they enjoy the soft water in their showers. Evidently soft water does something magical to hair.

Nuvo System by S. Curry on 09/09/2013

We put our NuVo filter on last week and we can ALREADY see a decrease in the scale build up. We have well water and it is extremely hard water. I am amazed at how well it is working and what a difference we've seen in a very short period of time. Thanks NuVo

It works for me by Nobadi on 09/09/2013

I've been very pleased with my nuvoH2O purchase. I use well water throughout my entire house. In March 2011 I self-installed my manor system. It's been 8 months and the system is still going strong. Here is my experience: 1. My expensive all stainless steel dishwasher was full of scale in just 4 months of use and quit working because of the built up. After replacing the heater element and descaling the machine I began using nuvoH2O. To date my dishwasher still look as clean as the day it was descaled. 2. I have a combination jetted tube and steam cabin and the walls are more than 50% glass. The hard water spots on the glass were terrible looking and hard to clean after just a few uses. Since implementing the nuvoH2O manor system the spotting problem has been reduce significantly, to a point I no longer consider it a nuisance. In fact, clean up is usually just an easy wipe away.

I could tell the difference! by Wendy S. on 09/09/2013

We had an old salt-less system for twenty five years, that I could never tell any difference in the water quality. We did a lot of research on line and it took us several month before making our purchase. I had a concern about the replacement filters but it averages out if you consider buying salt each month and filters are simple to replace ! With the Nuvo with the first shower i felt the difference ! The water did not seem to dry the pores of my skin as i use far less body wash. It also seems to be working on the hard water deposits in both the toilets and around the faucets. The water is leaving not spots on the plastic window of the front loader washing machine. The dishes and glasses are not spotted from the dishwasher using less detergents/chemicals in both machines. Time will tell but I think this will extend the life of all water related appliances from the hot water heater to the faucets.

Saved my appliances by John R. on 09/05/2013

I have had my system installed for about a month and, not only has it prevented hardness deposits from building up, it has actually "cleaned out" many of the deposits in my dishwasher and removed deposits from my dishes.

A great alternative to Salt by brian from NC on 09/05/2013

If you have had hard water issues in the past and tried salt systems, stop the train!!!!!!!!! You need to be using the NuvoH2o salt free system. I have been using my whole house system now for over a year and I am very pleased! It comes with a money back gurantee and the customer service is very good! I have no real complaints with it!!!! It was much more affordable than those bulky salt systems too! Installation is quiet easy also!!!! If you have not tried it, you owe it to yourself and your home to try it!! You will be glad you did!

Does what it claims to do by S. Terry on 09/04/2013

I've had my Nuvo H2O system for 4 months and my fixtures, glass shower, and dishes are mostly spot free. I live in Arizona where the water is very hard. I like not having to deal with the "slimy" feeling of traditional salt softeners. Nuvo H2O guarantees the performance as well. It also doesn't require nearly the garage space that a salt system uses, doesn't use electricity and it is easy to change out the cartridges.

Simple, compact solution that works! by John A. on 08/08/2013

I just wanted soft water. I got more than just soft water with this product. I got simplicity; it's as easy to install as a water filter. I got small; we didn't have room for another appliance. I got great tasting water at all my faucets, not just soft water. When I added it all up, this system gave me soft water, great tasting water, and in a compact, easy to service, simple unit at less cost than anything else I could find. What more can you ask for and need? I just know I can't.

Safer than Salt. by L. Miller on 08/08/2013

We live in Colorado where the water is very hard. We didn't want to purchase a salt water softener system because of the health risks I've heard about. I love that this technology is safe and that it actually works. I highly recommend the NUVO system.

Water tastes great! by Patty on 08/08/2013

Now that we have the system installed, the drinking water tastes great, and feels great in the shower. We use the water to make coffee and tea in the cafe, and they are very good. No more corrosion in the sink too! I am very happy with the Nuvo System!

Excellent alternative to salt! by John F. on 08/08/2013

My NuvoH2O has been installed for over a month. I can see and feel a noticeable change in our water. The slippery feel is gone, our dishes are cleaner, and no deposits can be found on our faucets, toilets, and glass shower doors. I am so glad that I was able to find this excellent alternative to salt and potassium water softening systems.

Nuvo saved our shower! by GMA B on 08/08/2013

After about a month of having the NuvoH2O Manor installed, the parts of the shower that have water running on them when we shower are almost completely clear! It is remarkable how clear, in fact! We are not going to have to replace our shower after all.

No more salt. by Bob A. on 08/08/2013

Great! Hard water of Alto, NM is almost steel but the Nuvo softened it. The water taste great and the system works without requiring salt!

Great Quality! by David on 08/08/2013

We ventured to try Nuvo and have found a big difference in the quality. Clear glass, shower doors remain clear, and we have found no evidence of calcium build-up in our new shower heads and appliances. We expect the same when we purchase new taps for the bathroom sinks.

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